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Tschugging up the mountain

The Tschuggen Express, our very own mountain railway, went into operation for the hotel’s guests in 2009. At the touch of a button the two cabins of the Tschuggen Express take 12 hotel guests directly to the skiing and hiking area with each trip. And with the new cable car connection between Arosa and Lenzerheide, which opened in January 2014, 225 snow-guaranteed kilometers of slopes are now easily accessable. While guests enjoy the views of snow-covered mountain tops in winter or lush green alpine meadows in summer, the train climbs 150 metres in altitude over a stretch of 528 metres of track. The maximum gradient is 52 percent. The Tschuggen Express covers the steep section of track with a speed of 4 m per second, allowing the journey to be completed in less than two and a half minutes.