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Summer season from 2 July until 22 August 2021. Our recommendation for spring are Valsana apartments |  Explore our offers now

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa. Wellness amid inspiring mountain scenery.

High above everyday life is a sanctuary providing regeneration for body and soul, conscious enjoyment and authentic immersion in the region. All this holds unforgettable moments - whether with the family, as a couple or even all to yourself for once.

This is how we protect you

As uncertain times require special measures and your health is the top priority, we offer you a haven with sound and highly-acclaimed protective strategies without compromising on the service and comfort you expect.

This is how we protect you
Flexible booking in uncertain times

Flexible booking

We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty to us this year. We want to support you in uncertain times when it is difficult to make plans. We have adjusted our cancellation conditions for this purpose. If your travel options change due to COVID-19, you will benefit from flexible cancellation conditions.



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