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Covid-19 safety measures at Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Dear guests,
Please note that due to the current Covid19 regulations, access to our house is only possible with a Covid-19 certificate recognized in Switzerland. Children and teenagers under 16 years are excluded from the regulation. Thank you for your understanding.

Current travel regulations

Please note the current travel regulations regarding Covid-19 for all persons 16 years and older.

All guests of the Tschuggen Hotel Group (16 years and older / hotel, restaurant, conference and spa guests) must present a valid Covid-19 certificate when entering the properties. This proves that they are either recovered or fully vaccinated more than 2 weeks ago before arrival.

The following link provides information on the conditions under which entry into Switzerland is permitted. Regardless of which of the rules applies and which vaccine you have been vaccinated with, the official entry form must be completed before each entry into Switzerland. The only exception is traffic close to the border. The only exception is traffic close to the border.

Detailed information:

  • All guests arriving from abroad - whether vaccinated or recovered - are subject to compulsory testing. In addition to a PCR test before entry, a second test (PCR test or rapid antigen test) must be carried out between the fourth and seventh day after entry. The PCR is valid 72 hours the antigen test 24 hours. The result of this test must be submitted to the competent cantonal office using the following link. This test ensures that infected persons who have contracted the virus shortly before or during travel are detected. Test costs must be borne by the traveller.

  • Non-vaccinated third-country nationals wishing to enter the Schengen area from countries or regions at risk will be refused entry to Switzerland for short-term stays without gainful employment of up to 90 days within a period of 180 days - apart from certain exceptions (hardship cases).

  • The Digital Covid Certificate of the EU and EFTA countries are recognised in Switzerland. Holders of the EU Digital COVID Certificate do not need to apply for a Swiss Covid Certificate.

  • The validity of non-European certificates is based on the vaccine approvals of the EU. The recognised vaccines entitle the holder to obtain a European or Swiss Covid certificate. Under the following link you will find the application form for persons vaccinated or recovering abroad. Keep in mind that the period between data entry and receipt of the Swiss Covid certificate is up to 5 days. The Swiss Covid certificate must be applied for accordingly before arrival. A fee of CHF 30 per certificate is charged for the conversion, which must be paid by the applicant.

  • Masks are compulsory in all closed areas, despite vaccination, recovery and testing.
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