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Test opportunities in Arosa

Guests who have neither been vaccinated with a vaccine recognised in Switzerland nor have recovered must present a negative test result upon entry into Switzerland. Four to seven days after entry, a test carried out in Switzerland is required, which is subject to a fee. The result of this test must be submitted to the competent cantonal office using the following link. Irrespective of this, every guest who has not been vaccinated or has recovered must present a test certificate every 48 (antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR test). This certificate is viewed at the reception desk and forwarded jointly to the appropriate offices.

If you need Covid 19 tests during your stay or for your departure or re-entry into your home country, we will be happy to help you organise them. However, due to the high demand, we recommend booking any test appointments in advance.

Locally, there are different ways to get tested regularly. Please contact us as early as possible so that we can support you in time.

Alternatively, you can also be tested in one of the test centres at Swiss airports. Please plan plenty of time for the test before your flight. You can find an overview under:

Due to the constantly changing situation, our security measures may be adjusted at short notice.

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