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Enjoy unique moments

We are delighted to welcome you to one of our four Restaurants or the Tschuggen Bar.

Decide today for our Dine around and enjoy your lunch or dinner for CHF 70 per person and day during winter season and for CHF 60 per person and day during summer season. You have a wide range of culinary options to choose from.

La Vetta

Refined gourmet cuisine with secret ingredient passion
1 Michelin star and 16 GaultMillau Points

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Grand Restaurant

Contemporary, cosmopolitan & exciting

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The Basement

Fresh, authentic and definitely unexpected

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La Collina

Diverse, flavoursome & with superlative views

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Spa Lounge

Refreshing, relaxing and revitalising

Tschuggen Bar

Congenial, sparkling & atmospheric

Cigar Lounge

A place full of pleasure, deceleration & tranquillity

Valsana Hotel & Appartements

Restaurant Twist

Enjoying a modern & helathy nutrition

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Restaurant Alpenblick


Specialities from Grisons in a rustic cosiness