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Spa Arosa Tschuggen Bergoase

The Tschuggen Bergoase

Wellness in the heart of the mountain. The Tschuggen Bergoase opens a new dimension of spaciousness and comfort, nature and geometry, warmth, rock, light and water.

On 5'000 sqm, star architect Mario Botta has created a paradise for all senses, a place of wellbeing and inner peace.

Build without over-building

This exceptional context prompted us to come up with a fascinating response that is both striking and utterly mindful of our village surroundings. The site chosen for building the new Tschuggen Bergoase facility next to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is part of the open space at the foot of the mountains. Our aim was to build without over-building. While the volumes of the functional premises disappear into the mountain, recurring elements (leaves, trees and skylights with their distinctive geometry) bear witness to the presence of the new.

These geometrically organic bodies pique the visitor’s curiosity. They "channel" daylight into the underground premises while by night they shine forth into the village, testifying to the presence of a collective relaxation area.

Mario Botta

Spa Arosa Tschuggen Bergoase