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R1 Sportsclub

We are delighted to welcome R1 Sportsclub, the German-speaking market leader in personal training, to our hotel as a partner. 

R1 Sportsclub offers a complete concept, ATHLETE OF LIFE, which provides individual support in form of private personal training in four areas: movement, nutrition, recovery, and reflection.

Please speak to our R1 personal trainer for customised advice.

R1 Das Konzept

Everyone is an athlete of life

As the German-speaking market leader in the personal training segment, we have put together a working concept that meets our high expectations. Our vision of integrated fitness training is based on four pillars: MOVE, EAT, RECHARGE, and REFLECT.

We believe that there is an athlete of life in each of us. Movement, good food, and a meaningful, self-determined life are basic needs that we are striving for. However, in everyday life, we tend to neglect these needs.

At R1 Sportsclub Arosa, we will get you back on track, back on to the path of your goals and to yourself; the best place to do so is the breathtaking mountain landscape of Graubünden.


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Private personal fitness training


Functional fitness training is the core of our training concept. This is where you specifically train several muscle groups and work on your fitness in an integrated manner. Your body is your most important piece of training equipment in this process. We work with weight and counterweight, with stability and balance.

The exercises are specifically customised to your requirements and your training plan, which means you will reach your goal efficiently while having fun at the same time.


So that your training can be precisely tailored to your needs, we need to know what makes you tick. This is why our first step is to perform a detailed evaluation of your performance and requirements.


Nutritional coaching is a further important area. The R1 coaches are experts in food and health topics. We will aid you to achieve your goals and support you on your journey.

We will provide individual advice and put together a comprehensive concept that will dovetail with all the other areas of our offer. This means that your training will be customised to your goals. EAT - for a healthy, lighter life.

Price – Private Personal Training:

Private Personal Fitness Training

60 Min / CHF 100

Private Personal Coaching - Nutrition

90 Min / CHF 220