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Local History Museum

Local History Museum

Exploring regional history. 

We even have a tip for you for the few days in the year when the sun does not shine in Arosa. The local history museum in Arosa offers you a rare and entertaining look into the world of the Schanfigg.

All sorts of pictures and everyday objects from the distant past, from wooden wheel clocks and 100-year-old skis to traditional festive costumes from Schanfigg, tell the story of Arosa right back to the thirteenth century. Individual tours on request. Opening times this winter: Friday 18 December 2020 to Friday 6 April 2021.

Tuesday and Friday from 2.30 to 4.30 in the afternoon
Admission: CHF 3 per person.

Contact us under +41 81 378 99 99 or [email protected]

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