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Médecine du bien-être


Healthy and beauty help promote our positive lifestyle, physical vitality and sense of well-being. Dr. Annett Härtel is there to assist you with efficient methods and her professional expertise. From her background in cosmetic medicine she offers a wide range of applications and on request will draw up an anti-ageing programme tailored specifically to your needs. So why not seize this opportunity for a non-binding initial consultation at the Tschuggen Bergoase?

Every treatment with a specialist begins with a personal and comprehensive information session focusing on all the possibilities, risks and costs.

Aesthetic Dermatology

Wrinkle Treatment

Deeper wrinkles can be effectively prevented in the facial region with hyaluronic acid and collagen. The natural and biodegradable substances are injected directly under the skin folds.

CHF 400

Botox (Botolinumtoxine)

The treatment can be accurately and reliably used wherever undesired facial wrinkles appear. The skin is visibly smoothed and contributes to a younger and fresher look.

CHF 400

Lip Correction/Lip Enhancement

In addition to structure the side seam and the abolition of the crease lines in this area, the lips can be built to a sensual and luscious pout. Also, the perioral skin wrinkles around the lip (smokers lines) can be individually molded and padded.

CHF 400


Meso-Lift or Mesotherapy is an optimized moisture treatment for the skin where drugs are directly injected into the site of action. The result is an enormous skin rejuvenation.

CHF 200

Beauty Acupuncture

The beauty of acupuncture is a treatment method where needles are set into specific body and auricular points. A form of therapy that leads to continued well-being and attractive appearance.

CHF 350

Gala Lifting

Whether it is for personal or professional reason, with the gala lifting a radiant complexionis guaranteed. In this particular type of acupuncturean immediately noticeable lifting effect is achieved right after the treatment.

CHF 300


with fruit acids and TCA

CHF 280

Lifting without a scalpel

The "Portrait" treatment of Rhytec is an absolutely new, safe, non-surgical method of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. It allows the plasma energy to rejuvenate wrinkled skin in a natural way.

CHF 1'000

Fat-away treatment

By applying low-frequency ultrasound in the so called problem zones, fatty tissues are brought to remelt painless and non-invasive. Cellulite is significantly improved.

CHF 800


Anti-Aging Medicine

Diagnosis & Genetic Testing

The Medical Wellness Center procedures are used for early diagnosis, which can compute the risk. We measure loss of function, age-related risks, aging, and nutritional deficiencies already at the level of cell structure, cell metabolism and genes before they are visible for the normal check-up medicine.
Preventive Medicine and Genetic Testing:

AndroSensor 40plus

CHF 1'800


CHF 2'550

FemSensor 40plus

CHF 1'800


CHF 1'650


CHF 1'750


CHF 1'500

PREMIUM female

CHF 3'980


CHF 3'980

Anti-aging therapies

For a holistically oriented therapy, it needs a personal and tailor-made concept that is compiled individually by our specialists.

CHF 200 / h


Medical Services

Private medical consultation

Skin analysis, allergy consultation, sun protection advice.

CHF 200 / h

Individual dietary and nutritional supplements for prevention

Isoflavones and resveretroles, vitamins, essential enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids, electrolytes, trace elements.

CHF 200 / h

Basic psychosomatic care

talks and advice on general performance degradation and exhaustion.

CHF 250 / h

Private medical consultation

In your hotel room.

CHF 125/ 30 minutes (minimum)

Telephone counseling

By a doctor.

CHF 40/ 10 minutes (minimum)


Consultations et des traitements

Most of the treatments on offer are aesthetic or cosmetic in nature; they are therefore not regarded as standard benefits by health insurance policies. This means that these are private patient payments.


Our private patient services are due for immediate payment. The invoices are to be paid immediately following the treatment either in cash or by EC/Maestro card. We also welcome the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa and American Express.